Yellowstar Solutions B.V.

As an offshore company, you want to have the best quality / secured / fast and an efficient logistics flow and insight for everyone in the production facility / project and ship.

Yellowstar Solutions B.V.
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Yellowstar Solutions helps companies to improve and create insight into their supply chain activities. The software makes the logistics processes, for instance in Offshore and Maritime industries, manageable and predictable.

The applications that Yellowstar Solutions provide for its purpose are: supply chain visibility, KPI dashboards and integration projects. By refining the IT-landscape with smart and modern modules, Yellowstar Solutions aims to create predictability, efficiency and simplicity into logistics processes throughout the chain. The software vendor can also manage the business environments for companies. 

The success of the company is the result of the short-cycle, modular and rapid implementations of its webbased applications by people with lifelong experience in the combination of ICT and logistics. Yellowstar Solutions is located in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and  Cologne (Germany) and works closely with partners such as Oracle, PTV Group, Kewill and many more.

• Star-Flow (Supply chain Visibility, Offshore Web Portals, Track & Trace Systems)
• Star-Insight (Dashboard module)
• Star Connect (Integration/ESB Module)

Offshore, Aviation, Intermodal (freight forwarders / container terminals), Distribution

‘’Once I was lucky to attend a presentation of Walter Kroos van Amstel where he talked about ‘’training as you fight’’. Due to the Yellowstar solution, we now have a higher lever of this kind of gaming; we use smart weapons with a fire & forget principal. The scrum implementation method, the experience and flexibility of the Yellowstar application were decisive for achieving the deadline’’.

Gert Geeve, (CSCP) manager Logistics at Huisman Equipment