Vibratory technology is increasingly changing offshore foundation methods. New vibratory products increase the speed of pile driving while newly developed equipment decreases handling time. Additionally, it is important to consider the environment by decr

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Oil and gas – A long track record
Dieseko Group has a long track record of installing piles in the North Sea for the oil and gas industry. Since the late 80s, our vibratory hammers have been operated on numerous projects and based on this experience we designed, tested and produced equipment to serve the highly demanding offshore oil and gas industry worldwide.

Advice and engineering
Dieseko Group’s PVE always had a strong focus on engineering, research and development for vibratory hammer solutions and power packs. Our engineering team is available to investigate new technical and business opportunities and to advise our customers on project specific requirements. PVE offers a wide range of tailor made solutions and new products, which demonstrates the engineering capabilities and achievements. Deck lay out options and handling activities are discussed during project stage in order to determine the most efficient combinations.

The future starts today
In order to develop new installation methods and products, Dieseko Group takes part in research and industry wide study projects, concerning offshore foundations.

Vibro drivability prediction and post piling analysis
Dieseko Group works with reputed third parties to execute vibro drivability predictions. Results of our measuring equipment (amplitude, acceleration, centrifugal force, hydraulic pressure) are examined after the project and a post piling report can be supplied upon request.

Real-time monitoring of inclination is an important feature of our total solution. Our system is extensively tested and proven to be a reliable monitoring device.

More and more projects need to be decommissioned. Our vibratory hammers can be used to extract foundations, without leaving debris on the seabed as a result of the internal cutting of piles. Vibratory extraction is evolving and offers an economic and ecological solution for utilities.

Rental fleet and available equipment
Do you need to be fully operational on site within a few days? Dieseko Group offers a wide range of offshore vibratory hammers for rent, which are suitable for small and large projects. The machines have centrifugal power from 1,000 to 11,000 kN and are operated by certified staff.

Our vibratory hammers drive or extract:
·         Initiation / start-up piles
·         Jacket installation
·         PLEM installation
·         Conductor installation
·         Anchor piles
·         Pipe support piles
·         Extraction of followers
·         De-commissioning
Client base
·      NAM
·      Van Oord
·      EMAS
·      SHL
·      VSF
·      Saipem
·      Geosea
·      Boskalis
·      Micoperi
·      Allseas
·      WAV
·      Trevi 
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